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 There is a range of unique opportunities that UIN offers students for their undergraduate/postgraduate admission. Benefits exist not just in background-oriented consulting, but also in recruiting/recommendation opportunities.
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Admission consulting service only provided by UIN consultants working at top university.
  UIN consultants consist of university/faculty teaching fellows, experts, and researchers.
     All services provided by UIN consultants from the same discipline and know what they are doing.
One consultant and one assistant to one student for one customized package. Guaranteed.

Recommendation Opportunity

There is a number of UIN consultants have been involved with interveiwing and recruiting students for their universities or faculties. As one of considerable ways approaching prospective students, UIN is pleased toconnect and offer help to both universities/faculties and students.
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Sustainable Course

The oversseas journey really starts from the moment the offers are reveived, so in the way our services are designed: sustainable and full period.
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Electronic Engineering Research - partnership with ABB
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Pre-sessional English Course
Crash Course tailored for modules/assignment
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